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Case Study

Corn Vendor

Background: The project revolves around creating a corn holder that addresses the problem of corn falling inside a cylindrical furnace used by a corn vendor located in Bhopal. The team conducted user research by visiting different corn vendors in the local market to understand their challenges and needs. During their study, they met a vendor who used a cylindrical furnace but faced the issue of corn falling inside, and the need to remove it would result in burns. The team decided to design a product that would make it easy to roast and take out the corn without causing any harm.

Context: Street Vendors play a vital role in the urban economy, as a source of jobs, revenue and ‘value added’ to the economy. But street vendors face multiple challenges during their activities. To research the street vendors in Bhopal city and understand the challenges faced by the street vendors on daily basis.


To better understand the challenges faced by the students and the community, we prepared different questionnaires and engaged with all stakeholders involved. Through this process, we learned that electricity was a significant issue both at the school and in most of the children's homes, with many students having to do their homework after completing their household chores in the evening with only one lamp.

Father and Son Playing

As part of our ideation and brainstorming, we came up with the idea of installing solar panels to help the students and their families generate their own energy. We wanted to take this a step further by teaching the students how to assemble their own solar lamps so that they could develop a useful skill that they could use to benefit their community in the future.

To implement this idea, we collaborated with an external organization called Durga Energy, which provided the necessary training and materials for free. On the day of the workshop, Rukmini Devi, the CEO of Durga Energy, came to the school to teach the students how to assemble their own solar lamps. The children were surprised and inspired to see someone from their own community leading the training session.

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Overall, we believe that this project has the potential to benefit not only the students but also the wider community by promoting sustainable development practices and developing valuable skills that can be used to solve local challenges.

Design for Impact with Durga Energy showcases the power of collaboration to bring sustainable solutions to underserved communities. By engaging with all stakeholders, the school was able to understand the challenges and identify areas where they could make a difference. The school's efforts have not only improved the lives of the students but also empowered the community to work towards a better future.

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